Community Support

Working together, the Daviess County Chamber of Commerce members are creating a prosperous future for our city, towns, the county, and the region through a business climate that supports economic growth. That growth in turn creates more professional and personal opportunities for residents and a stronger, more dynamic community. And that in turn creates more community support for the activities and growth of the chamber of commerce.

While the chamber of commerce’s continually expanding membership is visible evidence of community support, booming attendance at chamber of commerce-related events also reflects community appreciation of chamber of commerce efforts.

Robust results and enthusiastic participation in chamber of commerce fundraisers are another key reminder that the chamber is effectively fulfilling community needs. At the annual Community Golf Outing, for example, both community and chamber members come together to play, to sponsor, to volunteer, and to donate prizes for the event.

Daviess County is a pro-business community where working and succeeding together are “all part of the deal” for businesses and residents.


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