Business success begins early in Daviess County. The CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunity) program, sponsored by the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation, captures the interest and enthusiasm of high school students while teaching them critical business skills and instilling a global business outlook to spark future achievement.

Young Professionals

For young professionals already launched in the business world, supporting and nurturing is ongoing through the Young Professionals program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, with monthly "1st Thursday" meetings that inform, entertain, and provide fruitful opportunities for networking, relationship building, and business development.


Women in Local Leadership (WILL)

The Women in Local Leadership (WILL) program is for our women chamber members in leadership roles throughout our communities in Daviess County. The WILL program is a chamber member women’s networking group that also offers a space for women to grow their careers, for those new to Daviess County to make lasting friendships, to grow personally & professionally, and to find ways to give back to the community through volunteerism, mentorship, & engagement.

WILL's mission and purpose is to foster "the WILL for mentoring success" among peers, our rising stars and young ladies and girls throughout Daviess County.

*Any female entrepreneur, business owner, executive, team leader, local leader, or retired community leader that is a member of the Daviess County Chamber of Commerce may participate in this new chamber program.


Quarterly Membership Luncheon

The Quarterly Membership Meeting brings our membership together for lunch featuring a guest speaker that provides education, training, business insights, and/or inspiring motivational subject matter that can have a positive impact on our member businesses, groups, and non-profits.

Quarterly Membership Luncheon Event topics include:

  • State of the Economy Update
  • Growing Your Business: Marketing, Social Media & Advertising
  • HR & Compliance: Safe, Productive & Happy Employees
  • Business Administration & Operations: Tax Planning, Business Planning & Beyond  


Quarterly Legislative Update

The Quarterly Legislative Update is an in-person or virtual breakfast or lunch meeting that gives our chamber of commerce members updates on local, state, and federal legislative sessions. Our local, state, and federal legislative representatives give our community leaders, stake holders, and citizens updates from their various chambers that have an impact on our local community.

Quarterly Legislative Events include:

  • State of the County Address
  • State of the City & Towns Address
  • State Legislative Update
  • Federal Legislative Update


The Annual Banquet - Awards Night

The Annual Banquet awards program is another way the chamber cultivates business achievement by spotlighting business and tourism success stories to celebrate and to gain critical insights that can profit other businesses as well.

While many of the awards are accorded to traditional businesses, innovations are also recognized. For example, the 2021 Dillon Tourism Award recognized Ty Madison with the Chuck Harmon Little League for expanding opportunities in the rapidly growing sector of sports tourism. Named in honor of the trailblazing Daviess County native, the first African American to play for the Cincinnati Reds, the Chuck Harmon Little League has brought exciting games and new Little League tournaments to Daviess County.


The Annual Community Golf Outing

The Annual Community Golf Outing, hosted at the beautiful Country Oaks Country Club, is not just a golf event—it’s a celebration of community, business, and camaraderie, This exceptional day promises an immersive experience that goes beyond the greens, creating lasting memories for all participants.

Beyond the golf course, the Annual Community Golf Outing is a prime occasion for networking and building valuable connections within the Daviess County business community. Participants can engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and explore potential collaborations, all while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere that the event cultivates.

These type of amazing events and quality programs would not be possible without the generosity of our business partners and sponsors that invest in our organization and community.


And Much More...

The chamber is also involved in ongoing community outreach, supporting business growth with the Chamber Bucks program. This buy-local program encourages and helps keep Daviess dollars inside Daviess County.


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