Local Government

Daviess County government is a responsive synthesis of heritage and innovation, blending the historic township model with modern and progressive city and county government.

The history of Indiana’s township system dates all the way back to the time of Thomas Jefferson and the opening of the Northwest Territory. Recognized as an effective means of organizing rural areas, townships were codified in the Indiana constitution of 1852. Today, there are 10 townships in Daviess County, including the township of Washington, which is the Daviess County seat and is governed by a mayor and a seven-member city council. The county government consists of a county commission with members elected in staggered terms from three different districts. The commission administers funds as directed by the county council, which is composed of 7 members also elected in staggered terms. 

Career politicians are rare in Daviess County, a locale where elected officials are generally drawn from a wide range of community members and where new faces and new ideas are always encouraged to flourish. For example, one free program, the Leadership Daviess “Elected Leadership: Running for Public Office” informs the general public and interested candidates about:

  • Elected positions and the necessary qualifications for those positions.
  • Resources available for those interested in running or serving.
  • Ethical considerations in running for and serving in local offices.

In business, in education, and in government, Daviess County is always moving forward, guided by a stable heritage and a bedrock commitment to a stronger, brighter future.

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Daviess County & City of Washington Government Websites and Towns:

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Local Police Information for Daviess County:

Daviess County Sheriff's Office
Address: 101 NE 4th St, Washington, IN 47501
Phone: (812) 254-1060

Washington Police Department
Address: 101 NE 3rd St, Washington, IN 47501
Phone: (812) 254-4410

Odon Police Department
Address102 E Walnut St, Odon, IN 47562
Phone: (812) 636-8550

Indiana State Police Regional Dispatch Jasper, Evansville, Bloomington
Phone: 1-800-423-1286


Local Fire Departments in Daviess County:

Washington Fire Department
Fire Station #1 
Address:  200 Harned Avenue
Washington, IN 47501 
Phone: (812) 254-1172

Fire Station #2
Address:  1002 W. Walnut Street
Washington, IN 47501
Phone: (812) 254-2818

Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department  Station #1
Address: 1736 Bedford Rd, Washington, IN 47501

Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department  Station #2
Address: 367 W 150 S, Washington, IN 47501

Veale Twp Volunteer Fire
Address: 254 E 450 S, Washington, IN 47501
Phone: (812) 254-8961

Southeast Daviess Fire District Station # 1
Address: 11764 E Center St Loogootee (Alfordsville)

Southeast Daviess Fire District Station #2
Address: 4757 E 600 S, Montgomery, IN 47558

Montgomery Volunteer Fire Department Montgomery
Address: 370 Main St, Montgomery, IN 47558
Phone: (812) 486-3298

Cannelburg Fire Department
Address: 203 Main St, Cannelburg, IN 47519
Phone: (812) 486-3563

Odon & Madison Volunteer Fire Department
Address: 625 W Elnora St, Odon, IN 47562

Elnora Fire Department
Address: 105 Main St, Elnora, IN 47529
Phone: (812) 692-5828

Plainville Fire Department
Address: 724 2nd St, Plainville, IN 47568

Veale Fire District
Address: 1674 E 400S, Washington, IN